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I am a father of two amazing boys.  I have served in ministry roles for almost 20 years before transitioning to the areas of education and sports media, though faith is still central to my life.  I maintain multiple blogs and hope to some day have more published work.  I am an avid reader and writer and a self proclaimed sports junkie. Add all of that up and you get the foundation of my business, Varnell Media Resources.

Friday, August 14, 2015

A Rough Night

Tulsa Roughnecks soccer is alive and well. I was unimpressed initially.  The field setup is odd and distant in places, but we had a unique perspective. There are plenty of areas on the concourse to walk and see the game from different angles.  The crowd seemed smaller because of the large venue, but as the night progressed, so did the energy.  Tulsa took a commanding lead and pulled away for a 5-1 win and a jumped into playoff position.

Most important, my boys had a great time.  They met Roughnecks legends and had autographs from the entire team following the game.  My youngest slept with the ball on his bed.  I'm pretty sure that is a positive result.

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